Car Company Bos & Slegers was founded in 1990 by Marcel Bos and Gerard Slegers. “We were at a party and could buy a batch of cars. The first business was done and the start was a fact. Both “backyards” were soon filled, as  the growth continued. When our space was not sufficient, we had to look for a new location. We found it at the Schootsestraat in Eindhoven. At the beginning we were still doing everything together by ourselves, from maintenance and repair to sales. Meanwhile, our team has grown to over 15 professional and friendly employees.  Everyone needs to feel involved with the business and work well together in order to achieve optimum performance. Short communication lines are of great importance for the quality served by Car Company Bos & Slegers, which has grown into the largest, BOVAG affiliated, universal all round Car Company in the Netherlands.”

Car Company Bos & Slegers has been located in the beautiful, spacious building on the Steenoven 28 in Eindhoven, since 2005. According to Slegers, the move was not only desired, but also necessary. “Our old premises at the Schootsestraat eventually no longer did justice to the quality we are representing. Since the move, the business market in particular has discovered what we have in our power.  Our current service includes sales, lease, maintenance and repairs of all brands new and used, personal and company cars, while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. We also have a free vehicle pick-up and delivery service and as part of our service we provide cleaning. Entrepreneurs find that it saves a lot of time when employees no longer have to go to the garage to pick-up and bring their car. And there’s no need for replacement transport, which with a few times a year already saves you hundreds of euros. For customers who have about 50 cars on the road, this provides big savings with minimum effort.”

The new building is both inside and outside a reflection of the dream: an attractive facade, the right interior lighting and layout, a customer friendly occupation, all in service of the atmosphere. Slegers: “Our motto is: treat your clients the way you want to be treated. Our visitors can look around at their convenience before they – upon request – will be assisted by one of our employees. The set up of the building provides the advantageous direct communication with the workshop. That works much better than explaining vehicle problems to mechanics over the phone. Our receptionist Stefan has been working for 10 years with us and knows precisely what information is important for a successful repair. Furthermore, he knows the people who come to his desk by name, as well as their vehicles and their license plates. We like to be aware of such small, personal details. We provide fast service, as no one likes to wait.”

Ensuring mobility
People can come to Bos & Slegers with and for all types, sizes and brands of cars; we work 16 hours a day and 6 days a week to find solutions to all kinds of mobility problems. Years ago the ANWB was already interested in the approach of our Car Company from Eindhoven. Meanwhile, about 5,000 repairs are done yearly to stranded travellers within the Eindhoven region. Mobility in the broadest sense of the word. Slegers: “That also applies to customers who buy or lease a car with us. They not only choose a means of transportation, but also availability and mobility. That is why we are running around the clock to keep our customers mobile; both, company and personal cars. In addition, all customers who are undergoing maintenance at Bos & Slegers are automatically provided with the Bosch Car Service Roadside assistance. This means roadside assistance throughout Europe! Disabled people can come to us as well, for a customized mini car for example, which will make their world significantly larger.”

The Bos & Slegers leasing branch is quite interesting for the business market. “We basically take care of all lease forms, but are particularly strong in short lease agreements with favourable prices and conditions. When someone needs a car for half a year, we can offer them one for a very competitive price, due to the fact that the cars are in our possession and disposal.”

Best of the best
Besides the attractive price levels and divers range, Car Company Bos & Slegers can offer everything when it comes to cars, even solving any electrical malfunction. Slegers: “Our employees all attend training with Bosch Car Service, the workshop concept that we have chosen, because we believe it is the best in the market. Bosch is supplier of 80% of car electronics and has, in the Netherlands alone, over 300 companies that work with their concept. As affiliated company we have diagnostics equipment with which we can examine every brand. We also have the most up-to-date input in regards to solving electrical malfunctions, providing us with additional business from other companies who are unable to cope with specific malfunctions due to their obsolete technology. With modern vehicles basically everything goes through the board computers and fiberglass. The time of sticking a voltage detector in a cable has long passed. Our mechanics have the best available space, technique, training and tools. Basically, everything Marcel and I wanted from the start…”