Bosch Car Service

The Bosch Car Service roadside assistance you know just as more than 50,000 other Dutch car drivers, that at any time of day, anywhere on the road, you can count on the roadside assistance of Bosch Car Service. And that’s a reassuring feeling! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you are stranded somewhere in Europe or in front of your door, with one phone call the roadside assistance of Bosch Car Service is set in motion. They will check whether your car can be repaired on the spot. A replacement vehicle is ready for you for the first 2 days, if necessary.

Do not pay unnecessarily too much any longer

You pay for roadside assistance across The Netherlands only €49,95* annually with as additional options:
– Europe coverage: € 20,00 annually
– Extensive replacement vehicle: € 15,00 annually
– Trailer and caravan: € 12,50 annually

Good to know!

* 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
* Roadside assistance across Europe, also in your own hometown
* Replacement vehicle across Europe
* Subsistence expenses compensation if needed
* Repatriation of your car in Europe
* Repatriation of the passengers, pets, luggage and trailer
* No mileage limitation
* Assistance with problems with the door locks
* Assistance with hard to replace flat tire
* Assistance with fuel shortage and wrong tanking
* Shipment of replacement parts
* Up to 10 days surveillance costs of the vehicle
* In combination with regular maintenance