BOVAG is a trade organization of more than 11,000 entrepreneurs who are dealing with mobility. Companies that are specialized in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, motorbikes, caravans, trailers, engine overhaul, car rental, car washing, road courses and petrol stations are welcome to join.

BOVAG provides for these companies as platform, news and information center. BOVAG lobbies, advises and organizes quality assurance. In addition, BOVAG is an employers’ organization that deals with employment policy, employment, labor and education. Moreover, BOVAG provides as a network for purchase bundling. In short, BOVAG offers a broad front with a great value to BOVAG affiliates.

For the consumer BOVAG became over the years a widely accepted quality label. After all, companies that want to connect with BOVAG, must meet strict quality standards that are monitored every year. They are reliable companies that do their work competently. Moreover, they commit themselves to providing the standard BOVAG guarantee so the consumer can fall back at any time on the BOVAG company. For certainty.


Regular maintenance is perhaps the most important condition for driving pleasure. Because a well maintained car is safe and reliable even in extreme weather conditions. Who brings his car at regular intervals at a BOVAG company, will longer be able to enjoy his car. And the BOVAG repair warranty of three months, guarantees you that the experts will remedy any defect optimally.